When Technical Competency Matters

Competency Management in Well Operations

A CV and a well control certificate are often not enough to assess a person’s overall technical competency. We have therefore developed a competency assessment system called COMPASS  primarily designed to screen personnel applying for positions within well design and well construction.


The COMPASS  system can also be used to assess the skill set of existing employees to identify competency gaps, development of training programs, support organizational changes and promotions.


In all these cases, the candidates will go through a series of online quizzes to assess their technical knowledge. A technical competency report will be developed for each candidate.

Compass Example

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IADC Competence Assurance ↵

IOGP Competency Management

Why is Competency Management Important?

There are four main pillars to D&C success as follows:

  • Subsurface Understanding

  • Quality programs

  • Quality contractors

  • Quality equipment

These four pillars are underpinned by Competency Management. A successful drilling campaign is heavily dependent on having the right people in critical positions.

Competency Management Protust