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Well Control Quizzes

Protrusts main activity is Competency Assessment of Drilling and Completions personnel, known as the COMPASS test. In addition to this, Protrust is also offering well control exam training.  Test yourself on the IWCF and IADC WellSharp® exam examples below. The quizzes are based on the same software as the COMPASS system and provide instant feedback on your response. The questions are standard IWCF/IADC exam questions and not developed by Protrust. You will need a calculator and a Well Control Formula sheet.

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IWCF P&P Example 1

IWCF P&P Example 2

IWCF P&P Example 3

IWCF Supervisor – Surface Stack

IWCF Supervisor – Subsea Stack

IADC WellSharp® Supervisor – Surface

IADC WellSharp® Supervisor – Subsea