Protrust is currently looking for retired specialists from the Oil & Gas industry, experts who do not need to work but want to from time to time. We are looking for the following skill sets to support E&P companies on short term contracts:


1. Barriers and zonal isolation
2. Casing design
3. Casing drilling
4. Cementing
5. Coring
6. Drill string (Drillpipe, HWDP, BHA)
7. Expandable tubulars
8. Fishing & sidetracking
9. Fluids, solids control & waste management
10. Hydraulic fracturing
11. Lost circulation
12. Managed Pressure Drilling
13. Multi laterals
14. Sand Control Completions
15. Smart Completions
16. Source Control (blowout, relief wells)
17. Stimulation
18. Under Balanced Drilling
19. Upper Completions (dry)
20. Upper Completions (subsea)
21. Well Control (procedures, equipment)
22. Workover and Well Interventions (dry)
23. Workover and Well Interventions (subsea)
24. Well placement (directional drilling & surveying)
25. Wellbore stability
26. Wellheads (dry)
27. Wellheads (subsea)

Generic requirements for a Protrust SME:

  • Understand the technicalities, benefits and limitations of their subject to the core
  • Have a wide range of experience and practice on the subject
  • Able to customize content based on the requirements of the client
  • Able to act as a mentor and instructor on the subject
  • Recognized among peers
  • Exceptional communication, writing and presentation skills
  • Having authored or co-authored papers on the subject is a benefit

If you satisfy the above requirements on any of the subjects listed above, please forward your CV to A competency assessment will be required before any assignments.